Real Academia de Ciencias Exactas, Físicas y Naturales
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Estatutos de la Real Academia de Ciencias, primera edición de 1848
Estatutes of the Royal Spanish Academy of Sciences

The Royal Academy of Mathematics, Physics and Natural Sciences adopted the statutes drafted by its own members, according to the determination in article  six of the Royal Decree of Creation.

They were approved in accordance with the favorable decision of the Council for Public Instruction, by the  Royal Order of 23 December, 1847.

Over time a series of modifications have been introduced, some resulting from  experience and others in order to admit decisions of a general character relating to all the Royal Academies.

New Statutes were approved by Royal Decree on 19 January, 1979, according to the proposal made by the Corporación a la Superioridad.  On 28 September, 2001 (the Official State Bulletin of October 18) a modification is again established in article six of the statutes, by which the number of academic fellows is increased to 54 and  that of the national correspondents to a total of 90.