Real Academia de Ciencias Exactas, Físicas y Naturales
Revista Serie A Matemáticas (RACSAM)
Serie A | Volumen 102 | Número 2 | Año 2008
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Álgebra / Algebra
pág. 183
On the defining polynomials of maximal real cyclotomic extensions
M.T. Aranés and A. Arenas
Análisis Matemático / Mathematical Analysis
pág. 193
Valdivia compact abelian groups
W. Kubiś
pág. 199
Another relation between π, e, γ and ζ(n)
L.J. Boya
pág. 203
Letter to editors related to their paper
T. Banakh and A. Plichko
pág. 205
On completions of LB-spaces of Moscatelli type
S. Dierolf and P. Kuß
pág. 211
Mixed intersections of non quasi-analytic classes
J. Schmets and M. Valdivia
pág. 221
On the structure of the ultradistributions of Beurling type
M. Valdivia
Ciencias de la Computación / Computational Sciences
pág. 237
An axiom system for incidence spatial geometry
R.M. Rubio and A. Ríder
Estadística e Investigación Operativa / Statistics and Operations Research
pág. 251
Relative measurement and its generalization in Decision Making. (#)
T.L. Saaty
Matemática Aplicada / Applied Mathematics
pág. 319
A hyperbolic model for convection-diffusion transport problems in CFD: numerical analysis and applications
H. Gómez, I. Colominas, F.L. Navarrina and M. Casteleiro
pág. 335
Actions on environment under uncertainty: stochastic formulation and the associated deterministic problem
J.I. Díaz and C. Fagloumi
pág. 355
On the convergence of some methods for variational inclusions
A. Piétrus and C. Jean-Alexis
(*) Comunicación Preliminar / Preliminary communication
(#) Artículo Panorámico / Survey